Gino Takes On The Baby Food Challenge! – 09/14/2018

The tables were turned on Gino and The Magic Morning Show today.

For this NFL Football Season our friends at Premier Rental Purchase are having a Fantasy Football Pick’em League, and Gino and Mower are participating. The “Week 1” victory went to Mower, leaving Gino to do a “challenge” of Mower’s choice… 

And with help from voting listeners on Facebook, “The Baby Food Challenge” went down!

Gino had to taste 5 different baby foods LIVE on the air and try to identify each of the flavors, all while listeners texted in to 603-356-9145 how many they believed he would answer correctly for Kahuna Laguna passes.

Listen to the audio below to find out how he did!


Special Thanks to  Kahuna Laguna and for more details go to KAHUNALAGUNA.COM