Attitash Race League Report – Week 1 – 01/09/2019

This morning for our 1st Attitash Race League Report of 2019, Local Ski Expert and Attitash Race League Director Corey Madden stopped by and told us all about Race Week #1.

According to Corey, things started out swimmingly with great participation and plenty of community support. Corey looks forward to a brand new season and really believes the competition will be kicked up a notch this year. Corey also gave us a heads up on what to expect this weekend for events at Attitash, from the U Go Girl Race for Jen’s Friends and the Apres Ski Entertainment provided by Pat Foley and Riley Parkhurst.

Listen to the full report below and for more information on the Attitash Race League and Events happening at Attitash go to ATTITASH.COM


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