Box Office Recap – 02/10/2020


Birds of Prey did not follow in the footsteps of many other Warner Bros. DC billion franchises—Wonder WomanAquamanJoker—faltering with just $33.8 million in its first weekend out.

Observers expected the Margot Robbie-toplined film to grab between $50 million and $55 million. 

RelishMix observed:  “Looking closer at primary social media metrics, Birds of Prey is challenged. Sure, the viral rate of 48:1 looks strong, particularly against seven total clips shared by Warner Bros. But, as we saw with Terminator: Dark Fate a couple months ago, many of these clips could be contributing to a larger social discussion, rather than genuine excitement to see the film. Also, the movie is behind, with 500 new Facebook Fans daily added to its official page, compared to the usual genre average closer to 4K. Finally, the film is earning about 70K view daily on YouTube across its top clips. But many of the earned clips are very low indeed compared to the four or five owned pacing in the hundreds of thousands.”

Meanwhile, Oscar film 1917 landed in third place with $8.9 million, and Little Women in ninth with $2.3 million. Bad Boys for Life landed in second place with $11.8 million. 


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Top 10 at the Box Office:

  1. Birds of Prey, $33.8M
  2. Bad Boys for Life, $11.8M
  3. 1917, $8.9M
  4. Dolittle, $6.5M
  5. Jumanji: Next Level, $5.5M
  6. The Gentlemen, $4.3M
  7. Gretel & Hansel, $3.4M
  8. Knives Out, $2.45M
  9. Little Women, $2.3M
  10. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, $2.27M