Celebrity Scoop – 04/01/2019


Harry Styles was on hand to honor Stevie Nicks at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, but she wasn’t exactly sure what group he used to be in.

The legendary singer was opening up about her bond with Harry backstage following the ceremony on Friday in New York City.

“What I really loved about Harry was that when he decided to make a solo record from NSYNC … he chose to make NSYNC,” she said before starting to correct herself. “Sorry, not NSYNC.”

“Sorry. I’m never going to live that one down, I know it. One Direction. Well, I liked One Direction too,” she added.

Harry also joined the legendary Fleetwood Mac singer to perform “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.”

In his speech to the star ahead of the award, Styles said: “Stevie Nicks is the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a second time. First, with Fleetwood Mac, and now for her unforgettable solo work. With Stevie, you’re not celebrating music from long ago through the mists of time. She was standing on stage headlining a place doing her best work just three nights ago. She is forever current. She is forever Stevie.

He continued, “‘Dreams’ was the first song that I knew all the words to before I really knew what the words meant. I thought it was a song about the weather. But I knew that it was a beautiful song about the weather,” Harry said.

He added, “She’s so wise and serene. She sees all the romance and drama in the world and she celebrates it…She is a magical gypsy godmother who occupies the in-between. It’s a space that can and will only ever be hers.”


Demi Lovato is clapping back at a journalist who commented on her weight in a headline.

The 26-year-old singer took to her Instagram story to respond after a seeing the body shaming headline that noted she “appears to have a fuller figure.”

“I AM MORE THAN MY WEIGHT,” Demi wrote, before opening up about the dangers of body commentary in the media.

She continued, “Unlike the past, I’m not triggered, I’m not upset that someone wrote a headline about my ‘fuller figure.’ I’m angry that people think it’s okay to write headlines about people’s body shapes. Especially a woman who has been so open about being in recovery from an eating disorder. I’m not upset for myself but for anyone easily influenced by the diet culture.”

Demi went on to send a message to those struggling with body confidence and included the apology she received from the article’s author.

“Thank you for understanding where I‘m coming from,” Demi responded. “Let’s create change together.”


Meghan Trainor says everything is a-okay with her and hubby Daryl Sabara.

Meghan forgot her wedding ring for the first time since marrying Sabara in December as she hit the red carpet at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards on Thursday.

“Now that I’m a wife – I’m sorry, bae – [It’s my] first red carpet I forgot my ring,” Trainor revealed to ET. “So nothing’s wrong. Nobody panic at home – everything’s great. I just simply forgot!”

“Marriage is great, though,” she continued, praising Sabara. “He sings backup on every single song I write now. He’s in the tracks, the background tracks, and he actually writes songs with me now too. He’s learning. He’s like, ‘This is my dream,’ because he loves music. So, this is a dream come true.”

However, the couple isn’t planning to start a family – just yet anyway.

“Oh my god, if I could be pregnant right now, I totally would,” she said. “And if I could pop out two kids right now, I totally would, but I gotta like, tour one more time, and I’m exhausted.”

“I’m like, ‘Tour, kid, plus this?’ Like, I just won’t have time,” she explained. “When I got married, I was like, ‘Let’s do it!’ Like, I got inspired, and I had to reel it in. I had to be like, ‘Listen,’ so we got a dog. We got another dog!”

Trainor is focusing on her upcoming third album. “I’m sticking to my roots about writing inspirational, big anthems about loving yourself. And Treat Myself is the album and I got a couple big songs on there that are sassy,” she teased. “I have amazing features that I can’t talk about yet, but you will drop on the floor. Like, you are going to freak out!”

‘A STAR IS BORN’ SOUNDTRACK SURPASSES ONE MILLION IN US SALES: The soundtrack for A Star Is Born has surpassed one million copies sold in the U.S. It sold 16,000 copies in the week ending March 21st, helping it reach its new total of 1,003,000 after 24 weeks, according to Billboard. This marks Lady Gaga’s fourth million-selling album, following Born This Way, The Fame and The Fame Monster. The last album to sell a million was another soundtrack, The Greatest Showman, which was released in December 2017 and reached the milestone after 23 weeks. A Star Is Born, which includes the Oscar-winning No. 1 hit “Shallow,” is so far the top-selling album of 2019, with 298,000 copies sold this year.

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