Celebrity Scoop – 04/03/2019


Justin Bieber has issued an apology and an explanation for his April Fool’s Day prank claiming his wife Hailey was pregnant with their first child.

“there’s always gonna be people offended, there’s also people who don’t take jokes very well, I am a prankster and it was APRIL FOOLS. I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to people who can’t have children. A lot of people I know, their first go to prank on April fools is telling their parents they are pregnant to get a big reaction,” Justin wrote in a message to fans on his Instagram.

He continued, “But I will apologize anyway and take responsibility and say sorry to people who were offended. I truly don’t want anyone to be hurt by a prank.. it’s like when I shoved cake in my little sisters face for her birthday expecting her to laugh but she cried. You sometimes just don’t know what will hurt someone’s feelings not to compare pregnancy with cake in the face but it’s just to paint the picture of not knowing what will offend. Some might have laughed but some were offended .. I think With pranks u sometimes have to roll that dice. #prankster #dennisthemenace #sorry #truly.”

Justin has said that he would like be a father someday, but even his mom Pattie Mallette wasn’t falling for the pregnancy post.

“I’m always on guard and ready for you today,” she commented, adding, “I am SO looking forward to the day y’all bringing me babies that are ‘GRAND’! You’re going to make BEAUTIFUL children and be GREAT parents when the time comes!!”

She joked, “Maybe just don’t call me Grandma. Or Nana. Or Nanny. Or… OKAY I DON’T KNOW IF I’M READY!”


The Jonas Brothers have announced that their new song “Cool,” the follow-up to their hit comeback track, will be released on Friday.

 “🆒 drops Friday! Pre-save the song at JonasBrothers.com to hear it first 🌴😎,” the band wrote on their Instagram on Tuesday.

The recently reunited sibling trio – Nick, Joe and Kevin – were spotted filming a music video in late March in Miami – now we know what it was for.

A tweet from their official Twitter account features the announcement, along with a photo of the guys all dressed in blue Hawaiian shirts and sporting shades.

Their first single as a reunited band, “Sucker,” gave them their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Meanwhile, the trio will also appear on the Adam Levine-produced new show Songland, which premieres on NBC May 28th. The show will give aspiring songwriters the opportunity to showcase their songs in the hopes of finding the next big hit.

MEGHAN TRAINOR, RYAN TEDDER, CHARLIE PUTH AND MORE HELP ASPIRING SONGWRITERS IN ‘SONGLAND’ TRAILER: A trailer has been released for NBC’s new musical competition show, Songland, produced by Adam Levine. The series, which debuts May 28th, features Ryan Tedder, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, John Legend, the Jonas Brothers and more as they give aspiring songwriters the chance to showcase their original songs in the hopes of finding the next big hit. Songland premieres May 28th on NBC.


Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods’ BFF status has been on the fritz since Jordyn allegedly hooked up with Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s man Tristan Thompson. Khloe and Tristan, who have been rocked by his cheating scandals before, have split. They share True, 10 months.

While Kylie booted Jordyn from her guest house and Jordyn’s professional relationship with all of the KarJenner clan, Kylie and Jordan’s friendship status has remained unclear with multiple sources claiming they’d heal their rift as soon as the scandal died down. That time might be sooner than we expected, judging from Jordyn’s mom Elizabeth Woods’ recent comment on Kylie’s Instagram post. 

After shared a shot of Stormi, Elizabeth left heart emojis in the comment section. That comes after Jordyn liked a shot of Stormi walking around with Travis Scott. The shot Elizabeth liked, btw, included a seriously sick handbag. According to Cosmo’s review of recent Insta posts, it appears that li’l Stormi has a purse collection worth roughly $20,000 (including a Louis Vuitton, mini Birkin and tiny Jacquemas tote).

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