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Demi Lovato is helping launch The Mental Health Fund amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative aims to help those affected by anxiety and mental health issues. “It’s so important that people have these lines because sometimes you feel really alone and you don’t know where to turn or who to talk to,” Demi shared. “You’re afraid that these thoughts you’re having are too dark, and you need guidance. That’s where this comes in. It can provide help to people who are struggling.” She adds, “Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. Oftentimes our society tells us that if we ask for help, we are weak,” she says. “But the strongest thing someone can do is take that first step in getting help, whatever shape or form that is.”

The Mental Health Fund will support four organizations dedicated to crisis counseling via text message.

Over the last several weeks of social distancing, Lovato – who’s been leaning on her friends, family and a “really good treatment team” – says some of her favorite forms of self-care have involved staying active.

 “I’ve been exercising and going on walks. I like walking my dogs. I was doing yoga in the beginning but kind of fell off,” she told People. “[I’ll] start that back up again. Meditating … anything that helps you focus and get centered is really good for you.”


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CHARLIZE THERON’S DONATES TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS: Charlize Theron’s foundation, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), has donated $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts, with $500,000 earmarked for domestic violence shelters. Her father was abusive as a child, and she has been open about the realities of domestic violence, including the fact that her mother killed her father in self-defense. (ET)  

ABIGAIL DISNEY SLAMS FURLOUGHS: Abigail Disney is not happy with Walt Disney Co.’s move to furlough hundreds of thousands of low-paid workers as executives rake in millions of dollars. Disney shared her thoughts on Twitter, opining that CEO’s Bob Iger $47 million+ salary, which she has previously called “insane” is “pillaging and rampaging.” She added: “I am an heir. And I do carry this name with me everywhere. And I have a conscience which makes it very difficult for me to sit by when I see abuses taking place with that name attached to them.”

HOW HOLLYWOOD WILL MAKE SETS SAFE: Coronavirus has infected logistics on set, including major tentpoles like Mission: Impossible 7, starring Tom Cruise. According to Variety, the big budget action film will hopefully begin rolling cameras again in June in Italy, though there are a number of legal hurdles to clear beforehand. “It’s a massive problem,” says Matt Baer, the producer of 2014 film Unbroken. “There’s plenty of precedent in movie history for what you do if a hurricane hits your set or an actor dies in production, but there’s no rule book for what you do in a pandemic.” Possible precautions will include mandating that employees stay in hotels or assigned housing, and isolate themselves from others during the shoot. 


After both lead single “Stupid Love” and the cover artwork hit the Internet early, the full track list for Lady Gaga’s forthcoming record has apparently been uploaded early via a now apparently revised Target listing.

The album track list, listed as a sticker on the Target Exclusive CD, includes her new single “Stupid Love,” as well as collaborations with Ariana Grande (“Rain on Me”), Elton John (“Sine From Above”) and BLACKPINK (“Sour Candy”).

Lady Gaga previously announced she would postpone its release in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. It was originally slated for April 10th.

While Lady Gaga has not yet unveiled a new drop date for her sixth album, she shared the full track list on Wednesday after the leak.


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