Celebrity Scoop – 05/08/2019

JUSTIN BIEBER, ED SHEERAN CONFIRM NEW SINGLE ‘I DON’T CARE’: Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran confirmed they have teamed up on a new single. The two shared details about their new collaboration, “I Don’t Care,” Tuesday ahead of the song’s release. Bieber confirmed the  title in an Instagram post featuring his and Sheeran’s names. He also confirmed the song will debut Friday. Sheeran had teased snippets of lyrics to the song Monday. Bieber and Sheeran had teased a new collaboration in Instagram posts Sunday and Monday.


Lady Gaga fired on all four cylinders Monday night at the 2019 Met Gala.

As one of the co-chairs of the annual fashion event, which this year celebrates the new exhibition “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” the Oscar-winning singer-actress changed into four different looks on the red carpet as she made her grand entrance to the annual fashion ball.

First, the pop star hit the carpet in a billowing sea of fuchsia, complete with giant bows, huge golden eyelashes and a gigantic train that flowed beautifully in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, thanks to the help of assistants, including Gaga’s designer Brandon Maxwell.

Assistants next helped her take off the outer pink layer to reveal a strapless, asymmetrical black gown with one dramatically molded hip. The second dress matched her new accessory, a black umbrella. She showed it off with another walk up the stairs.

The black material was soon gone to reveal a fitted hot pink column dress. This look was paired with oversized Linda Farrow sunglasses and a retro block cell phone.

Finally, Gaga stripped down to her skivvies. She wore glittery stockings under a sparkling bra and underwear paired with sky-high black boots. She sprawled out on the stairs and vogued for her onlookers.

There were more even accessories: She wore a 28-carat Tiffany diamond choker and rolled a pink wagon with Maxwell’s champagne, along with two pink hats in lucite boxes that looked like the one she wore on her Joanne album cover.

When the fashion moment was finally over, Gaga and Maxwell high-fived on their way inside the gala.


Some fans thought Nick Jonas’ 2019 Met Gala look channeled a particular Game of Thrones character: Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger.

After reading the comparisons on social media, Nick got in on the fun and took the opportunity to tease his sister-in-law Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on the show, about the resemblance (he was wearing a selection of silver rings and sporting Littlefinger’s signature goatee).

Nick posted a side-by-side of him at the Met Gala right next to a photo of Littlefinger, played by Aiden Gillen, on Instagram. “Sansa…We must protect the Vale,” Nick joked. “#metgala #littlefinger.”

Turner played along, commenting, “Quit trying to manipulate me…ugh I thought you died last season.”

Meanwhile, the Met Gala marked Turner and Joe Jonas’ first red carpet outing as husband and wife. They married last week in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards.

Nick attended with his wife Priyanka Chopra, two years after they first posed together on the red carpet. At the time, they barely knew each other.


Kelly Clarkson has realized it was “kinda stupid” of her to host the 2019 Billboard Music Awards while battling appendicitis.

Kelly not only hosted, but she even performed twice for fans during the three-hour ceremony, before dashing off to undergo emergency surgery.

Kelly assured fans she was “feeling awesome” in a Twitter post hours after the operation news hit headlines, but by Sunday, she admitted the recovery period “super duper sucks” because she isn’t a great patient.

Kelly returned to the spotlight on Monday as she resumed her role as a coach on The Voice, and in a chat with Entertainment Tonight, she played down all the praise she has received for pushing through her condition to complete her Billboard Music Awards gig as host:

[“Here’s the funny thing: everybody kept being like, ‘Oh my God. You’re superwoman!’ Nobody knows meanwhile, I performed onstage, and have been performing, with one of my friends that’s, like, fighting cancer. It feels just silly, people saying like, ‘Oh, I can’t believe she did this.’ And I’m like, I have friends that are going through much worse scenarios and doing it on the daily.”]

Kelly credits the adrenaline rush she experienced onstage with helping her play through the pain, but as soon as she wrapped up her duties as host, the extent of her condition really kicked in. “I felt uncomfortable during the show, but it didn’t really hit hard until the end of the show and my adrenaline just, like, left the building…,” Kelly confessed, insisting she is doing much better now. “It’s fine. Everything’s good.”

However, the mother-of-two recognizes that performing with appendicitis was “kinda stupid,” even though her doctor had signed off on her big gig hours earlier.

[You know, what I did was kinda stupid. Like, I probably shouldn’t have (pressed on with the show), but I did ask my doctor and we had things (preparations) going on in case it ruptured or whatever… It wasn’t just like, ‘I can do it!’ Like, I wasn’t an idiot about it. But I probably wouldn’t do it again.”]

Meanwhile, Mother’s Day is this weekend, and Kelly says she’s looking to another celebrity mom to help make a love connection for her three-year-old son Remy: Chrissy Teigen, wife of her fellow Voice coach John Legend:

[“My little boy, I told Chrissy, I want [him] to marry [her three-year-old daughter] Luna. Their skin tones, their eye color, I’m like, ‘What would that baby look like?’ They would make the most beautiful babies…They probably think I’m weird. Definitely they probably think I’m weird.”]

AMY SCHUMER REVEALS SON’S NAME: Amy Schumer is revealing her newborn son’s name: Gene Attell Fischer. She welcomed him with husband Chris Fischer Sunday night, after a long and rough (but comedy-filled) pregnancy.

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