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Fans have found a typo on their Taylor Swift merchandise and took to social media to discuss it.

On the clothing, the first word of the lyric from Taylor’s latest single ME! “You’re the only one of you, Baby that’s the fun of you” is misspelled “your’e.” The blunder is all the more entertaining given the song also contains the line: “Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!”

The error was initially spotted and posted by Twitter user April, who said: “EXCUSE ME! I’ve had this shirt for nearly a month and you’re telling me it’s had a typo THIS WHOLE TIME!!” She went on to add:” I still love my shirt Taylor.” Her tweet has since gone viral and more fans have now responded having noticed the error on their own items.

The mistake isn’t included on every top, though, leaving some with the typo to hope they may be in for a treat from Taylor. Some also wondered if the mistake was deliberate and it was in fact Taylor dropping more clues. “PLOT TWIST: it’s a clue for Taylor!!” said one. “What if it’s an Easter egg?” commented another.


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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are making up after a dramatic falling out, according to reports. After news broke that Jordyn stepped out with Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the famous family cut ties with Jordyn, and Kylie booted her from her guesthouse.

But all along, the 21-year-old billionaire was rumored to hope to reconnect with Jordyn after the drama died down. Now, four months later, it seems the time has come. According to a source who spilled to Us Weekly, “Their relationship is on the road to recovery.”

Still, Jordyn has her own house now, and there will likely be no turning back to their original level of intimacy.  The source explains, “Kylie knows the separation from Jordyn will help both of them — and Kylie’s family — to heal.”

Plus, after Jordyn scored a gig on Grown-ish, she is looking forward to break off on her own. “Jordyn has been trying to show the world that she isn’t riding on the Jenner-Kardashian coattails any longer,” another insider explains to Us, “and that she’s doing her own thing and living her life comfortably.”


Meanwhile, Kylie’s new YouTube project is giving people all the feels, and not all of them are good. 

Kylie’s “A Day in the Life” video has already amassed over 15 million views, and gives fans a look at her “average” day. 

As many point out on social media, it will make any “normal” person feel “poor.”


  1. Her 1-year-old Stormi has more clothes and style than you.
  2. Stormi’s playroom is the size of your house.
  3. Kylie’s house is so big she has to call her boyfriend Travis Scott—on the phone—to find him.
  4. She’s so rich she gives her friends diamond rings as b-day gifts.


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A video has gone viral of Beyoncé and JAY-Z court side at Game 3 of the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors game. Bey appears to be giving the wife — Nicole Curran, of the Warriors owner a mean side-eye, while the wife speaks to JAY. 

After receiving much backlash from the BeyHive and social media, Curran explained what really happened between her and Beyoncé. Curran reportedly spoke to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about the incident and said she asked the Carters if they wanted drinks. Apparently, she leaned over to hear JAY over the noisy crowd. 

Shelburne took to Twitter to explain further, and said, “Just spoke to Nicole Curran, the wife of Warriors owner Joe Lacob, about the ‘incident’ with Beyoncé last night. She was in tears. Said she had been getting death threats on social media all night  this morning she disabled her IG account just to make it stop. Curran said she had no idea anything was even amiss until she got home and started seeing texts from friends and checked her social media. She’s invited Jay Z and Beyoncé to the game  3-4 times before. Last night she says she asked if they wanted drinks. Beyoncé asked for water. Curran says Jay Z asked for a vodka soda. She asked if he wanted lime with that. But it was loud in Oracle and she couldn’t hear, so she leaned over. That’s where the photos of Beyoncé looking askance at her come from.” 

Shelburne added, “Curran says she then went to go get them those drinks. ‘There was no hostility. I was trying to be a good hostess,’ she said. ‘I’ve never experienced cyber bullying like this. I can’t believe our players go through this. That kids go through this.’”

Bey’s publicist has also stepped forward to call out fans for “spewing hate” at Curran. Yvette Noel-Schure wrote on Instagram, “I am looking back today at the start of The OTRII tour, one year ago. It was a place of joy, unimaginable entertainment from two of the best performers in the world, and a place of love. Every single day on that tour I saw love. Which is why I also want to speak here to the beautiful BeyHiVE. I know your love runs deep but that love has to be given to every human. It will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. We love you.”


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