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Kim Kardashian West is reportedly working frantically behind the scenes to get her husband Kanye West help. The presidential hopeful claimed that she and her momager Kris Jenner were trying to “lock” him up on Twitter Monday night, and now, sources tell People that the media mogul has been trying to get Kanye help for weeks.” The posts have since been deleted. 

“But what do you do when a person doesn’t want help?” the source asks, pointing out that West has been staying at the family’s compound in Cody, Wyoming. “Kanye is in Cody because he doesn’t want help. If he wanted help, he would come back to L.A.”

Kardashian West has, as the rapper hinted, consulted with doctors. The insider says: “Kim’s family is around to support her as always. And they love Kanye. They want him to be healthy. They are all trying to figure out how to help Kanye. They are in contact with medical professionals for guidance.”

In the now-deleted tweets, West wrote: “Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday,” a reference to his comments about daughter North West during his first campaign rally over the weekend.

A source tells People that Kardashian West is “furious” that West brought up possibly aborting North during a campaign rally Sunday. The pair share North, 7, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2 and Psalm, 14 months. 

The pair’s relationship has reportedly “broken down significantly.” West announced his attention to run for president earlier this month, and his family is reportedly concerned for his mental health.


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On Monday night, July 20th, Kanye West took to Twitter to accuse his wife, Kim Kardashian, of attempting to get him committed and he also took some shots at his mother-in-law Kris Jenner which caused many to worry that he may have been going through a bi-polar episode. On Tuesday, July 21st, comedian Dave Chappelle flew to West’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming ranch to check on the rapper.

  • West shared a video from the visit on Twitter where the two and a group of friends posed for a photo. West tweeted, “Thank you Dave for hopping on a jet to come see me doing well. Dave you are a god send and a true friend. All love.”
  • In the clip West explained that the world needs some joy and Chappelle responded, “Brotherhood is real, love is real.”
  • West appeared to be really moved and appreciative of the visit from the comedian.
  • The rapper deleted most of his tweets from Monday night except one of  his children with the caption, “West children will never do playboy west”


Alex Trebek is looking back on his life and legacy in The Answer Is… Reflections on My Life. The memoir delves into his childhood, early work, marriages, family, Jeopardy! hosting gig, and his cancer diagnosis.

Some of the biggest takeaways:


Trebek reveals that meeting Queen Elizabeth II in 1967 was his most memorable celeb encounter. At the time, he was hosting a variety show in honor of Canada’s centennial. He said they spoke after the show she attended for five minutes: “You’re not supposed to lead the conversation with the queen. She loved horses, and once she found out I was hosting the Canadian Triple Crown of racing, we spent much of our discussion on that.” 

When he saw her again the next day, he admits to being lowered a peg or two. “As she approached me, I was thinking, Here comes my new best friend. I wonder what we’ll talk about today?” he recalls. “I stood a little taller. My chest swelled up. I smiled. And when she got to me, she said, ‘Good show. Please tell me your name, and where you are from.”


His one encounter with drugs—via pot-laced brownies—during a 1970s dinner was decidedly memorable. 

“I had four or five of them. I did not realize they were hash brownies. Mr. Naive here,” he quips. “The party was on a Friday night. The drugs knocked me out so much I spent the weekend laid out in their guest bedroom and didn’t leave their home until Monday morning.”


Because Jeopardy! filmed two days a week, he had plenty of time with his kids and wife.

“It was always dinner at the same time every night,” Trebek writes. “I don’t think that was an intentional choice. I don’t think I was reacting to the way I was raised and consciously trying to do things differently. To be honest, I followed Jean‘s lead on parenting. She is the calming influence.”


Trebek believes the show has been on for almost 50 years for reasons of nostalgia and competition. 

“A lot of young kids at home and college students would watch the show on their lunch breaks. They grew up with it,” he writes. “So when we brought it back in 1984, they were nostalgic for it. And then they raised their own kids on the show… There’s something ritualistic about it.”

But also: “That competition exists within families too. Brothers and sisters. Children and parents. And grandparents — we have material that probably only grandparents, people of that generation, may know the correct response to…. There’s information regarding pop culture that the parents and grandparents don’t know. So there’s something for everybody.”


He also reveals how his family reacted when he said that we wouldn’t continue treatment for his stage 4 pancreatic cancer if the current round fails. 

“I sat down with [Emily], Matt and Jeanie, and told them I had made my decision,” he writes. “I’m going to stick with this current protocol, then that’s it. If it doesn’t work I’ll probably stop treatment. It wasn’t an easy conversation, and it isn’t any easier writing these words. Quality of life was an important consideration.”

He continues: “I’m not afraid of dying. One thing they’re not going to say at my funeral as part of the eulogy is, ‘He was taken from us too soon.’ I’m about to turn 80. I’ve lived a good, full life, and I’m nearing the end of it. I know that. The only thing that might bother me is if I pass on before I get to have grandchildren. (Hint, hint.)”

As for how he’d like to be thought of after his death, Trebek writes, “I’d like to be remembered first of all as a good and loving husband and father, and also as a decent man who did his best to help people perform at their best.”


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Please note the following story contains material that could be considered offensive.

Recently Drake released a new song, “Only You Freestyle” featuring Headie One. On the song, Drake raps in Arabic and takes some veiled shots at Pusha T and Kanye West. The rapper opens the song with the verse,  “Arabic ting told me that I look like Youssef/Look like Hamza.” Later he actually raps in Arabic and the translation of his verse is “My Love please/I’m certain you and I look better together.”

  • In addition to trying his hand in Arabic, Drake drops a few lines that could be aimed as Pusha T and Kanye West who the rapper has been on the outs with since last year.
  • Drake raps, “S**t you man been droppin’ lately/Don’t make me have to fly my iTunes/So much people buy into my hype / Don’t make me have to buy my hype too/Dealt with the big homie already/Don’t make me have to side-by-side you / Nuff times he tried to hide behind you/Amnesia but when I remind you/I’m touchin’ road and I can’t find you.”

GREY’S TO TACKLE COVID: Grey’s Anatomy will tackle COVID-19 in season 17. Exec producer Krista Vernoff told Entertainment Weekly: “We’re going to address this pandemic for sure. There’s no way to be a long-running medical show and not do the medical story of our lifetimes.” Shooting has not commenced, but she said that writers are hard at work. 

BTS, MILEY CYRUS, MORE JOIN 2020 IHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL: BTS, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay and more have been announced for the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival, scheduled for September 18-19. Kane Brown will also perform with Khalid, Keith Urban, Migos, Thomas Rhett, Usher and more as special guests. The virtual concert will also feature unique collaborations and surprise performances. Remote performances will be filmed on stages in Los Angeles and Nashville. Artists will be discussing backstage how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. Fans will be able to introduce artists, enjoy virtual meet and greets and have the chance to appear in a special fan video wall. The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival will be presented live on The CW App and on CWTV.com. The performances will also be presented on The CW on September 27- 28.

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