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Please note the following story contains language that could be considered offensive.

Billie Eilish is calling out Nylon Germany.

The 17-year-old singer commented on the latest issue of the magazine, which was published to Instagram on Thursday and features a bald 3D artwork version of the star.

Billie commented on the post:

“what the f*ck is this sh*t.

  1. i was never approached by nylon about this piece whatsoever. i did not know it was happening nor did anyone on my team.
  2. this is not even a real picture of me. i had absolutely no creative input.
  3. youre gonna make a picture of me shirtless?? thats not real?? at 17? and make it the cover???? even if the picture was supposed to look like some robot version of me… i did not consent in any way.

booooooooooo to you🖕🏻.”

The magazine has since updated the post with a statement: “For this cover, it was never our intention to create a look that is confusing or insulting to Billie Eilish. It was only ever our intention to honor Billie’s impact and her work by creating this avatar which is part of a cover series highlighting the power of digital prodigy artists. This avatar is a piece of 3D artwork created in dedication to her achievements and the positive effect she has had on millions around the globe – including us.”

The edition of Nylon is focused on three “Digital Prodigies” who are “redefining the future of being a Teen Superstar.”  


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Shawn Mendes has launched The Shawn Mendes Foundation, designed to inspire his fans to advocate for issues important to them and work to bring about positive change in the world.

Shawn says he wants to “make the voices of our generation heard” through the Foundation, which will support a variety of different youth-focused causes in the fields of healthcare, mental health and wellness, human rights, education, anti-bullying and sustainability.

The Foundation’s first two campaigns will benefit SickKids, based in Shawn’s hometown of Toronto, and REVERB. The latter helps artists reduce their environmental footprint and encourages music fans to take action to save the environment. The former is a leading pediatric healthcare institution.

When Shawn plays Rogers Center stadium in Toronto next month, a dollar from each ticket sold, as well as proceeds from Shawn’s partnerships with the Canadian brands Roots and Tim Horton’s, will go to the SickKids Charitable Giving Fund.

In a statement, Shawn said he’s “excited” to launch the foundation, noting, “For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a way to amplify the causes that my fans and I care deeply about, and to help make the voices of our generation heard.”

He adds, “My goal…is to work alongside my fans, and do everything I can to help provide them with a platform that inspires positive change, and empowers young change-makers.”

Shawn is also asking his fans and donors to help him decide which issues to address with future campaigns.

The Foundation will continue to work with charities that Shawn’s supported in the past, including Pencils of Promise, WE Day and March for Our Lives.

For information about The Shawn Mendes Foundation, including how to donate and a full list of past and current charity partners, check out ShawnMendesFoundation.org.


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Shawn Mendes posted a shirtless photo of himself eating an avocado to Instagram and celebrities from John Mayer to Mike Posner wasted no time in sharing their thoughts on the 21-year-old singer’s sexy snap.

“Avocad-oh u just gonna post sh*t like this and expect my wife not to leave me!” rapper Hoodie Allen wrote in the comments.

“Um…I’m here for the avocado,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson commented, while Emily Osment added a short “hi.”

“If you’re happy I’m happy,” Mayer wrote.

Other celebrities focused on Mendes’ choice of snack. “Suddenly I love avocados,” makeup artist Manny Gutierrez commented, and YouTuber James Charles added, “Wow a man with taste.”

“Avo straight?! W/e come on gains!!!!” model Winnie Harlow wrote.

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder commented, “Remember when I trained u to get those abs? Working?”

The ab-tastic pic has over six million likes.


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Kerry Washington is initiating a new way to keep in touch with her fans. While many celebs (Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian) are known and loved for engaging with their fans on social media, few have waded out among the sweaty hordes and given fans carte blanche access to their person. And yes, as one might suspect, there’s also a catch. 

Scandal star Washington took the bold step on Thursday of sharing her number, explaining in her message that she missed her fans: “Hi, you guys, so you know how private I am but I am going to do something crazy. I am going to give you my phone number, which I know sounds insane. You know, I posted about this last week. I’ve been missing that TGIT love. We used to come together every Thursday night at the same time and the same place. I would know where you were and you would know where I was and we would talk about stuff that really mattered to us and kind of be in a community together and I want to bring some of that back because I miss you guys.”

She added that social media is “amazing” it can sometimes be hard to “sift through and really connect with the people who matter to you most.”

“So, I’m giving you my number it’s 718-400-7118, shout-out to the boogie down Bronx, and I really want you to text me,” she told her social media followers. “I want you to ask me questions, I’m going to send links like special sneak peaks.”

“You guys are going to be the people I am closest to in terms of trading information, so text me,” Washington concluded her video. “Really, really text me.”

While some fans responded that they were excited to cement their “BFF” status, others smelled a rat. “Well, I just texted you. Hopefully this leads to fun times. No way this is your real number though.”

And yes, as many suspected, it’s a marketing ploy .When you text her, you get a link and an auto-response that reads, “(H)ey it’s Kerry! Real quick — click this link & sign up so I can add you to my contacts and respond to you directly. Can’t wait to hear from you!”

The link takes you to a mobile-access-only form at Community.com where you’re asked to provide your name, birthday, city, gender identity and email, though that last bit is optional. And chances are, you’ll be hearing from her very soon. 


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