Celebrity Scoop – 09/20/2019


Ariana Grande has celebrated the launch of her latest fragrance with a brand-new project on YouTube.

A month after Ariana’s tropical new fragrance, “thank u, next,” dropped at Ulta stores she has unveiled a sequel to her viral music video to help promote the new product.

Following the same opening sequence as her original “thank u, next” music video, the clip shows a series of “high schoolers” disclosing rumors about Ari and the new perfume in a Mean Girls-esque fashion, complete with the cheerleader uniforms from Bring It On.

“I heard Ariana has a new perfume,” gushes Colleen Ballinger, who played a pregnant teen in the original video. Now holding a baby, she says, “Supposedly she uses juicy raspberries in it, so I’ve only been eating juicy raspberries for months, so my breast milk will taste like her perfume smells.”

“Well I heard she swam with actual mermaids in the Bermuda Triangle, to convince them to give her the velvety musk of their new sea god!” another student exclaims. “We heard how she went to space to find the best pears for her lil’ fragrance,” says the cheerleader. “She shoulda just come to Compton!”

Ari, also dressed as a cheerleader, interjects, “Are you sure it was pear? ‘Cause I heard it was coconut.” She adds, “Honestly, I’m not the biggest Ariana Grande fan, but I do hear the new fragrance is…somewhat promising.”

“Rumor has it, she put part of her ponytail in it,” another student says, as the scene cuts to Ari chopping off a piece of her hair to put into the fragrance.

Ariana partnered with Luxe Brands to launch the new perfume available at Ulta Beauty. It’s her seventh fragrance in a collection that continues to be a fan-favorite.

“I wanted to make a fragrance that smells related to my first fragrance Ari but more summery, so I revisited Ari’s fruity pear and raspberry notes and changed it up by adding some coconut,” Ariana said in a statement when describing the fragrance. “I was inspired to design a bottle that represented the message of my song ‘thank u next’ – the emergence of the perfume from the broken heart represents moving forward from a challenging chapter.”


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TMZ has reported that the woman suing Chris Brown over eye injuries that she allegedly suffered on a the set of his music video has shared photos of the damage done to her eyes. In the photo, which was obtained by TMZ, Danielle Griffin’s eyes appear to be red and swollen, with green goop oozing from them. 

As previously reported, Griffin claims in legal documents that she was hired as a backup dancer in September 2017 to perform in one of Brown’s music videos. She said that during the shoot, a wardrobe and makeup artist poured fake liquid blood on her head without protecting her eyes. However, the told her it was safe. Griffin claims that the liquid was, in fact, a “dangerous substance,” which caused direct injuries to both of her eyes. 

Griffin’s attorneys said that she had to go to three different hospitals within 24 hours to tend to her eye injuries. 


‘FRIENDS’ CREATORS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PHOEBE’S SANDWICH NOTE SAID: Friends co-creator David Crane has revealed that he has no idea what Phoebe Buffay wrote for Ross Geller to keep his co-workers away form his “moistmaker” sandwich on season 5 of the hit sitcom. Crane told Page Six,  “Oh my God.” He continued, “I’m standing here going, ‘She wrote a note for his sandwich?’ I don’t know. This is the problem with being 25 years older, I don’t have a clue, I can’t even make up something.” Co-creator Marta Kauffman added, “I have absolutely no idea what that note said, but now I’m going to look into it because I really want to know!”

LINDSAY LOHAN IS WORKING ON A NEW TV SHOW: Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on a new TV project. In an interview on  Australia‘s Studio 10 this week, Lohan revealed that she is “writing a TV series that will come out in America. Almost like a reality show, but not a reality show.”  Lohan went on to say that she will play at “kind of being a puppet master,” and will star in the series with her siblings.

‘SOPRANOS’ STAR JAMIE LYNN SIGLER TO VOICE DISNEY’S FIRST JEWISH PRINCESS: Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler is set to star as Disney’s first Jewish princess. According to Page Six,the character, whose name and image haven’t been announced yet, will guest star on the third season of “Elena of Avalor.” The hit children’s TV show is about a teenage royal princess and her adventures in monarchy. Sigler tweeted, “I am so excited to voice Disney’s first Jewish princess.”

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