Celebrity Scoop – 10/22/2018


Please note the following story contains language that could be considered offensive.

 Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson joked about his recent breakup with singer Ariana Grande during a standup comedy routine in West Hollywood this weekend.

“As you could tell, I don’t want to be here,” Davidson told the crowd at Saturday’s Judd & Pete For America benefit, according to People. “There’s a lot going on,” he added. “Does anybody have any open rooms? Looking for a roommate?” Davidson and Grande got engaged in June after a few weeks of dating, but broke up last week. Davidson said on SNL three weeks ago that he had been living in Grande’s luxurious New York apartment where his only responsibility is stocking the fridge.

Pete also joked about the various tattoos he got in honor of Ariana. “Um, I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos, that’s fun. I’m f**king 0 for 2 in the tattoo [department]. Yeah, I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, that’s how bad it is,” he said, likely referencing the fact that before his relationship with Grande, he got ex-girlfriend Cazzie David’s face inked on his arm. That tattoo has since been covered.

“So, obviously you know I, we [Ariana and I] broke up or whatever but when me and her first got engaged we got tattoos. And it was like in a magazine like, ‘Was Pete Davidson stupid?’ And 93% of it said yes. So my boy, he was like, ‘Don’t listen to that sh*t man. They’re literally fu*king haters.’ And I’m like, yeah, f*ck that. I’m not stupid. And the other day we were in my kitchen and he was like, ‘Yo bro. Turns out you were stupid,’” he added. “I’m a good guy that just keeps getting kicked in the d*ck. You’re like, ‘Ah, that fu*king poor kid. Hope he doesn’t kill himself.’ That’s America.”

Even though they only dated for five months, the couple managed to get more than 10 tattoos collectively.

WAS ARIANA GRANDE AND PETE DAVIDSON’S ENGAGEMENT A SHAM? Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson never took any formal steps toward an actual wedding, TMZ reports, questioning whether they ever truly intended to get married. The website notes that they never looked at dresses, venues or dates. How quickly would you tackle logistics after getting engaged?


In three days of release, David Gordon Green’s Halloween has raked in $78 million, a record opening for a movie in the Halloween franchise. Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake nabbed $58 million in 2007, and Halloween: H20 snagged $55 million in 1998. 

Worldwide, Halloween snagged about $92 million. It’s also the biggest opening for a slasher film adjusted for inflation. Scream 2’s $33 million opener in 1997 would be about $65 million today. Among R-rated horror films it lags only behind It, which managed $123 million. 

Meanwhile, A Star Is Born held onto second place, and broke the $200 million mark worldwide. Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic First Man landed in fifth place in its second weekend out, nabbing just $8.6 million. 


Political Taylor Swift is back, and this time she’s taken to Instagram to double down on her ask that her fans vote in the midterm elections. If you do, you could be featured in her Instagram Story.

Taylor posted a photo of herself with an “I voted” sticker on her cheek, and captioned it, “If you just voted, take a pic and tag me with #justvoted. It may end up on my story.”

Her Instagram Story already shows many pictures of young men and women who’ve taken her up on her offer. Some are first-time voters, some are absentee-ballot voters, and some just captured the moment after they cast their ballots.

As previously reported, Taylor urged people to take advantage of early voting, writing, “It makes it so quick and easy to go and cast your vote before November 6.”

Taylor presumably had to vote early herself because she’s currently in Australia, performing on her Reputation tour. She’ll be there, as well as in New Zealand and Japan, through November 21st. That’s also the reason she couldn’t attend her bestie Karlie Kloss’ wedding.

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