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Miley Cyrus has unfollowed her exes Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter on Instagram, fans have noticed.

While the exact timing of the social media moves is unclear, it seems as though the singer unfollowed the celebrities after the respective breakups. The last photo she liked from Hemsworth’s account was a picture he posted of the then-couple from June. And the last photo Cyrus liked from Carter’s account was a picture from their summer getaway.

Hemsworth also doesn’t follow Cyrus. Although, Carter still does.

Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their split in August after less than a year of marriage. The actor then filed for divorce later that month. It was around this time that Cyrus and Carter sparked romance rumors. The two were photographed kissing during a trip to Lake Como, Italy in August. However, Cyrus slammed any cheating rumors. Carter and Cyrus then called it quits in September.

Just a few weeks after news of Cyrus and Carter’s split broke, Miley was spotted kissing Cody Simpson. The two have continued to pack on the PDA ever since.


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Imagine Dragons has gotten Sebastian Gorka, a former advisor to Donald Trump with alleged ties to Nazis, banned from YouTube because he won’t stop playing the band’s music.

Gorka started playing the band’s music, especially its monster hit “Radioactive,” on his radio program. Many of the episodes were later uploaded to YouTube, and the unauthorized usage finally brought Gorka to the attention of Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds.

Reynolds apparently learned of Gorka’s copyright abuses during an August Twitter exchange in which a journalist pointed it out. Reynolds tweeted, “Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve never given permission for this use. Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show @SebGorka.”

According to Reynolds’ Twitter account, Imagine Dragons have been trying to stop Gorka for more than two months, with no success. But towards the end of October, Reynolds’ label successfully had more than 40 of Gorka’s videos blocked, although Gorka continued to upload videos using the band’s music.

Finally, this past Monday (November 4th), Gorka’s YouTube channel was completely, permanently deleted. A statement from YouTube confirmed it “was terminated due to multiple copyright strikes.”

Story source: Stereogum

SHARON OSBOURNE SLAMS JOHN LEGEND FOR CHANGING LYRICS TO ‘BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE’: John Legend has changed the lyrics to the Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for an updated version he recorded with Kelly Clarkson and Sharon Osbourne is not a fan, slamming John’s decision to update the words as “ridiculous.” The lyrics to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” are considered to be controversial as they seem to reference date rape. The lyrics include the lines, “I ought to say no, no, no, sir / “Mind if I move in closer?” and “Say, what’s in this drink? / No cabs to be had out there.” Sharon spoke about the updated version on “The Talk.” “To change an innocent lyric, to what is it, ‘Your mind and your body?’ What the hell are you on? That’s ridiculous,” she said. “I have to tell you, I love John Legend. I love John Legend’s wife, his family. He’s an amazing artist that I really respect. Why do you do this? That’s not right.”

Emma Watson Rejects the Word “Single”; Opts for “Self-Partnered” – (11/06/2019)

Emma Watson may be flying solo for now, but she has a strong partner in her life: herself. The starlet, who is about to turn 30, is rejecting the societal pressures put on women in her age group—particularly expectations in the relationship arena. In an interview with British Vogue, Watson touched on her current status, saying “It took me a long time, but I’m very happy (being single).”

Watson, who plays Meg March in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film Little Women, decided to adopt the term “self-partnered” after navigating the social pressures of becoming a 30-something woman. “I was like, ‘why does everyone make such a big fuss about turning 30? This is not a big deal…’” the actress said. “Cut to 29, and I’m like ‘Oh my god, I feel so stressed and anxious.”

Despite the struggles she’s experienced in her love life, Watson says her past relationships have “built her up”, while adding that her focus has been on “…figuring out how to be at home with myself.”

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