Celebrity Scoop – 11/15/2018

BRITNEY SPEARS EVACUATES: Britney Spears is the latest celeb being forced to flee the wildfires in California. According to The Blast, her Thousand Oaks mansion is technically outside the evacuation zone, but that she is playing it safe.

KANYE WEST AND MARK ZUCKERBERG WANT IT WHAT WAY? Kanye West and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have been doing karaoke together, according to West’s always scintillating Twitter feed. The pair tackled Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” No word on how the strangeness came to pass.


Well, this got complicated fast! Channing Tatum confirmed reports that he and singer Jessie J are an item by posting a shot of her performing at a concert in London. He wrote: “This woman just poured her heart out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Whoever was there got to witness something special. Wow.”

But hang on, plot twist! The pouring “the heart out” thing may have been in reference to her revelation that she can’t have kids. At the London show, the 30-year-old told concert-goers: “I was told four years ago that I can’t ever have children.”

Ahead of performing “Four Letter Word,” she explained: “I wanted to write this song for myself in my moment of pain and sadness but also to give myself joy, to give other people something that they can listen to in the moment when it gets really hard. So if you’ve ever experienced anything with this or have seen somebody else go through it or have lost a child, then please know you’re not alone in your pain and I’m thinking of you when I sing this song.”

Lyrics include: “I pray I get the chance to bloom” and “Feels in my heart, we’ll meet one another / You’ll be my baby, I’ll be your mother.”

Tatum, 38, split from wife Jenna Dewan in April. They were together for nearly a decade and share a 5-year-old daughter named Everly. Dewan has also moved on, and is now dating Tony winner Steve Kazee


If you always pictured the royal life as some sort of Disney cartoon fantasy, Prince Charles feels you. As the royal approaches his 70th birthday, it has been revealed that Charles, a la Cinderella and Snow White, enjoys inviting wee woodland creatures into his home. 

Per a new feature in Country Life, the Prince has become besotted with the red squirrels that scamper about his Scotland property, naming several, and allowing them into his home to frolic. 

“He is completely infatuated by the red squirrels that live around the [Birkhall] estate in Scotland,” Prince William tells the magazine. “To the extent that he’s given them names and is allowing them into the house!”

Charles explains: “They come into the house at Birkhall and we get them chasing each other round and round inside. If I sit there quietly, they will do so around me. Sometimes, when I leave my jackets on a chair with nuts in the pockets, I see them with their tails sticking out, as they hunt for nuts—they are incredibly special creatures.”

GOOP HEADED TO TV? Brace yourselves, America. Reports are swirling that Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is dropping strong hints that she plans to bring her controversial $250 million lifestyle brand to television. No word on the details, but it launched its first international pop-up in London and is headed to Australia next.

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