Celebrity Scoop – 12/26/2019


Justin Bieber has announced a new album, tour and single in a YouTube video.

The first single drops January 3rd and a North American tour begins May 14th. In the video, Bieber alludes to his past mistakes and says that his current place in life informs his new music.

Bieber has spoken about drug use and mental health struggles. He shared in an Instagram post September 3rd that he began using drugs at 19. He is now 25 and married to Hailey Baldwin.

The video includes clips of two songs. “Could you be here with me forever, ever, ever,” goes one song. “Every time I go the wrong way, turn me back around. Had a right to take my chance with you instead. Do you second that emotion? You really got me your way.”

The song Bieber plans to release January 3rd is called “Yummy.” The chorus repeats the single word frequently, with a verse leading up to it. “When you come around me, do me like you miss me even though you’ve been with me,” Bieber sings.

The video also announces 45 tour dates in the U.S. and Canada between May 14th and September 26th. The video does not give a release date for the album.

Bieber will also star in a docuseries set to premiere December 31st. It’s unclear on which platform or channel the series will stream or air, though Bieber’s YouTube channel says more info will be released December 31st.


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Forbes has released a list of the top-earning musicians of the last 10 years, and legendary producer-rapper Dr. Dre is sitting comfortably at No. 1. Since 2010, Dre has reportedly earned a cool $950 million, putting him ahead of the likes of Taylor Swift (at No. 2 with $825 million), Beyoncé (who is No. 3 with $685 million) and more.

The earnings weren’t really from music – considering Dre only released one album in that time frame (2015’s Compton) and as Forbes noted, he hasn’t produced on a No. 1 record since Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” in 2009. Instead, a majority of Dre’s earnings came from his approximately 20% stake in Beats. The $3 billion Apple acquisition of the company in 2014 helped out as well.

Following Dre in the No. 2 spot is Swift, who decade’s worth of albums, partnerships and touring earned her a whopping $825 million, according to Forbes, and she was 2019’s highest-paid celebrity.

Next in line is Beyoncé, whose $685 million estimate is a bit above her husband, JAY-Z, who sits at the No. 7 spot with $560 million.

The ranking doesn’t include earnings among the estates of deceased artists, but Forbes notes that if postmortem profits were accounted for, Michael Jackson would easily outdo everyone alive with a figure of $2.37 billion.

Forbes’ full top 10 earners list:

  1. Dr. Dre – $950 million
  2. Taylor Swift – $825 million
  3. Beyoncé – $685 million
  4. U2 – $675 million
  5. Diddy – $605 million
  6. Elton John – $565 million
  7. Jay-Z – $560 million
  8. Paul McCartney – $535 million
  9. Katy Perry – $530 million
  10. Lady Gaga – $500 million

MILEY CYRUS & LIAM HEMSWORTH REACH DIVORCE SETTLEMENT: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have worked out the details of their divorce. The 27-year-old singer’s lawyer filed legal documents on Tuesday declaring that she and the 29-year-old actor have reached a settlement in their divorce. The news comes just one day after what would have been their one-year wedding anniversary. The divorce ultimately went quick and easy, as they don’t have any kids, Miley will be keeping all of their pets, and they had a prenup in place. Liam filed for divorce from Miley back in August, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce won’t become final until six months after filing, meaning they should both be legally single by March. Miley is currently dating Cody Simpson while Liam has recently been linked to model Gabriella Brooks.

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