Feel Good Story of the Day: Cat Returns Home to Berlin After 3 Years

Turtle the Cat Has Been Missing for 3 Years (Picture Courtesy of Berlin Police Department)


This week our Feel Good Story comes from just up the road in Berlin, New Hampshire. The Berlin Police Department posted up this story on their Facebook Page on November 18th. Enjoy!

“Around midnight this morning, the PD received a call from Androscoggin Valley Hospital in reference to a cat that tripped the ER doors and let herself inside. She was eventually contained in a room near the Lab and hunkered down happy to be warm. Lt. Hollie Dube responded to assist with getting the cat back outside. A Havahart trap was set, and the waiting game began.

About three hours later, we were told the cat was in the trap. Lt. Dube responded again anticipating a catch and release, with the cat being on her merry way back outside. However, now contained in the trap, Lt. Dube saw an extremely thin, dirty but very friendly feline. It was a balmy 19 degrees out and the wind and snow made it feel much colder. Lt. Dube decided to take the cat to the station and hold onto her until later that morning (after she got some much needed sleep and on her day off) where she could transport the cat to the Conway Area Humane Society, who graciously said they could take the cat in.
As a last-ditch effort, the cat was posted on the Berlin/Gorham Area: Lost Pets Facebook page. A short time later, Andrea Fortin, of Berlin, thought the cat may be hers and went to the PD to check her out. Low and behold, the cat was hers! Andrea said they called the cat Turtle and she had been missing for THREE YEARS! You heard me – THREE YEARS! Andrea told Lt. Dube that when she picked her up, Turtle started giving her head bumps under her chin and seemed to recognize her. When Andrea got her home, she seemed to be familiar with her surroundings and happy to be back. Turtle will be getting a much needed veterinary appointment and Andrea is ecstatic Turtle is finally home. There is always hope.”
Turtle the Cat Reunited with Andrea Fortin After 3 Years (Picture Courtesy of Berlin Police Department)