Feel Good Story of the Week – Cat Reunited with Owner After 11 Days in Airport Ceiling

Muji, a cat that escaped from her owner at LaGuardia Airport in New York, was reunited with owner Taylor Le after spending 11 days in the ceiling. Photo by Queens Lost & Found Pets/Facebook


A cat that escaped from her owner at a security checkpoint in New York’s LaGuardia Airport was returned to the distraught woman after spending 11 days hiding in the ceiling. Taylor Le was moving from New York to California when she booked a Christmas Eve flight for herself and her six-year-old cat, Muji. When TSA agents had her remove the cat from her carrier at the security checkpoint, Muji escaped and led Le and airport staff on a chase that ended when the cat climbed a series of platforms to a ceiling enclosure and disappeared inside. Muji was found in the ceiling, but no one could get the cat to come out. Finally, 11 days after Muji fled from security, Le received word that she was safely caught in a trap.

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