Feel Good Story of the Week: Man’s 60 Year Old Varsity Jacket Returned

More than 60 years after Mal Osborn earned a varsity letter jacket from the University of Maine as a track runner, he still wore it. That is, until the 92-year-old lost it in October.


Mal Osborn was still rocking a varsity letter jacket he earned more than 60 years ago from the University of Maine. That is, until the 92-year-old former track star lost it in October. Osborn’s daughter, Beverly Amick, took up the search for the treasured jacket. After retracing her father’s steps and taking to Facebook, Amick received an email from a woman who’d found the coat in her yard, covered with leaves. Amick had to have it dry-cleaned, but Osborn has been sporting the jacket ever since.

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