Feel Good Story of the Week – Shelter Puppy No-one Wanted Saves Life of Elderly Man

A local man is alive thanks to his dog, Jack, who he says saved his life by waking him during a medical emergency, March 3, 2021. (KVAL)

EUGENE, OR – A stray puppy who languished unwanted in a shelter saved the life of an elderly man who finally gave it a chance. The 18-month-old dog, named Jack, woke up 66-year-old owner Tom Braun after noticing he’d begun choking in his sleep at his Eugene, Oregon, home earlier this month. Braun was stunned to wake up and find his T-shirt covered with his own blood, and realized a blood vessel had burst following previous dental work. Braun spent the next 48 hours in hospital, while next door neighbor Eli Holmes cared for Jack. Braun has sung Jack’s praises, and advised anyone who is older and lives alone to get their own dog to help keep them safe.

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