Gentlemen! Sign Up Today for the 2019 Valley Mr. Pageant!

Today on Gino and The Magic Morning, Lisa DuFault of Valley Promotions and current Mr. Valley Nate Sawyer stopped by the studio to recruit men for the 2019 Valley Mr. Pageant. The big event goes down on Sunday, March 31st at Theater in the Wood in Intervale. Nate talked about his experience being Mr. Valley and Lisa talked about the process of signing up. Listen to the interview and get more info below!

To sign up to participate email valleypromotions@gmail.com or go to VALLEYPROMOTIONS.NET


This event is open to Mount Washington Valley men ages 18 and older, regardless of marital status. Each contestant will represent a Mount Washington Valley Promotions member non-profit organization and the winner’s organization will receive a $500.00 cash donation. This is NOT a beauty pageant!!

The registration fee for the 2019 Mount Washington Valley Mr. Pageant is $150.00 in advertising sales (3 – 3 1/2” x 5” ads) and a prize donation valued at $25.00 or more collected by the sponsoring organization.

Interviews will be conducted with a panel of judges. Public speaking will occur during the evening portion of the program, as part of the formal wear presentation. Each contestant will prepare a one minute speech about his organization and how it impacts his life. This will be presented prior to his run-way stroll.

You will receive a full day schedule when you have returned your registration form and advertising sales information. Also in that mailing, you will receive 5 Event tickets. The cost is $5.00 per ticket.
All contestants will be photographed individually in each of their outfits, as well as in group shots. All contestants will be photographed directly after the program, so they must remain backstage until the session is completed. Contestants will receive copies of these photos and they will be used in promotional press releases.


Interview Outfit – Dress conservatively. Wear a suit you might wear to a job interview.
Formal Wear – We recommend a suit or tuxedo. Choose attire that is appropriate for this occasion.
Casual clothes – Wear jeans, shorts, sweats, or other comfortable clothing for afternoon rehearsal.


Personal Interview: 30% of Overall Score
Each contestant will be interviewed by the Event Judges in a panel forum. The Judges will be scoring each contestant on his ability to talk with a board and answer questions about his interests and the organization he is representing. No questions will be asked that require a “right” answer. The Judges will be looking for good eye contact and body posture, as well as speaking and thinking ability.

Public Speaking Poise & Appearance: 30% of Overall Score
Each contestant will introduce himself to the audience and judges and deliver a prepared speech about his sponsoring organization and its impact on his life. Judges will be looking for good posture and for voice projection, as well as passion for the organization.

Formal Wear Poise & Appearance: 30% of Overall Score
Each contestant will present himself on stage in formal attire directly following Public Speaking. Judges will watch the stature and confidence each man displays in this area.

Public Input: 10% of Overall Score
Each contestant will decorate a container with his name and the name of his sponsoring organization on it, where audience members may cast a “vote” with their money. The contestant with the most money will gain the most points and receive a special award. These “cash cans” may be displayed by the organization in advance of the event to collect more donations. Following the event, money from these containers will benefit their sponsoring organization. Crowd funding pages are also a great way to boost this area of the event!