Local Liquor Law Violations

In what has now been confirmed to be an operation of the NH Liquor Commission, 11 local businesses were cited for Liquor Law Violations this past weekend. The Conway Police Log lists the violations as all happening on this past Saturday, Jan. 11th. Conway Police Lt. Chris Mattei says the Liquor Commission carried out compliance checks on all businesses licensed to sell alcohol that were open. 11 local businesses sold alcohol to a minor. They included the state liquor Store, Table & Tonic, the Lobster Trap, Taste of Thai, North Conway Grand Hotel, the 1785 Inn, Black Cap Grille, Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro, Café Noche, Stonehurst Manor, and Fire Pizza. Mattei says that all those responsible for selling to a minor were first time offenders and are being offered an option of training in lieu of a fine.

**This story has been updated. New information includes:

• This was an official compliance check operation for all open businesses in the area.
• All businesses that failed had sold alcohol to a minor.
• All failures were committed by first time offenders who are being offered training in lieu of a fine.