Magic Madness 2021 – Vote for Your Sweet 16!

March Madness is BACK for the NCAA and in their honor, Magic 104 thought it’d be fun to once again make our own tournament!

Welcome to Magic Madness 2021 – Where we will find out, ONCE AND FOR ALL… Who is the Mount Washington Valley’s FAVORITE Magic 104 Artist…

64 Artists have been chosen and NOW, all you have to do is VOTE!

Here’s how it will play out…

The BIG 32 has been named and now they squared off in the Head to Head Matches below. Vote for your favorite in each round via the poll below. The Sweet 16 will be announced Wednesday, March 24th at 8:10am.


(Click the Bracket to Enlarge)




The BIG 32 VOTING: March 22nd – March 23rd

(The Sweet 16 Will Be Announced March 24th)

Sweet 16 VOTING: March 24th – March 25th

(Elite 8 Will Be Announced March 26th)

Elite 8 VOTING: March 26th- March 28th

(Final Four Will Be Announced March 29th)

Final 4 VOTING: March 29th – March 31st

(Top 2 Will Be Announced April 1st)

Top 2 VOTING: April 1st – April 4th

(MWV’s Favorite Magic 104 Artist Will Be Announced April 5th)

The Winner will be announced during the Magic Morning Show on Monday, April 5th and that Artist will have a Showcase.