Mountain Meister Recap – Week 6 – 02/25/2021

The 2021 Season of Mountain Meisters is underway at Cranmore and Kevin Hamlin joined Gino on The Magic Morning Show to tell us all about Week 6!

Kevin told us that this week’s participation was just under 300 racers and they raised just under $1000 for End 68 Hours of Hunger with the “Pay-to-Play” option for a third run after two weeks. Next week there will be no “Pay-to-Play” option since the Meisters will be tackling the Downhill. It will be one and done.

Kevin named Kelley Jon Scruggs as the White Mountain Stove Shop‘s “FIRED UP Meister” of the week. Listen to the segment below!

For more information about Mountain Meisters go to Cranmore.com and Follow them on Facebook!


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