Patriot Parodies to Pump You Up for Sunday!

Another season and another Super Bowl for our beloved New England Patriots…and Youtuber Ian Cunningham  is at again with another Patriot Parody.

For the past few seasons Ian has been bringing us awesome parody songs about the New England Patriots and with help from his friends he is creating quite the collection.

Let’s take a look…


Here’s Brady Pull Me Closer – To the tune of Closer by The Chainsmokers.


Here’s Amendola – To the tune of “Hallelujah” originally by Leonard Cohen. This was before Danny went to the Dolphins.


Here’s Just Slants – To the tune of Just Dance by Lady GaGa and it was just released a few weeks ago.

And now the latest… just in time for the BIG GAME on Sunday…


Here’s Champ Grind Edelman – To the tune of “Better Man” by Pearl Jam.

Job Well Done Ian!

Go Pats!