SAU 9 is Holding Zoom Listening Sessions to Gather Input from Parents

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A survey that guided work on the reopening of New Hampshire schools shows considerable differences between parents and teachers when it comes to confidence in complying with safety measures. The state’s reopening task force heard from more than 56,000 respondents, including nearly 42,000 parents, as it developed the guidance published last week. According to results released Monday, just 8% of teachers said students would be able to maintain new restrictions such as social distancing, compared to more than 20% of parents. About 80% of parents said their children were eager to return, though parents and teachers were split on whether that should happen.

Locally, SAU 9 Administrators will be holding Zoom Listening Sessions over the next two weeks to give parents an opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the current draft plans for reopening. For that complete schedule click here.