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Some lucky Swifties spent Friday evening at Taylor Swift’s home in London, getting an advance listen to her new album Lover

Taylor personally selected a small group of fans to come to her London house for a special listening party ahead of the highly anticipated release.

According to posts on social media, fans weren’t allowed to share many details from the Lover session; however, a few gems managed to sneak out. One fan noted that the album contains a mix of bops and tearjerkers, describing the 18 tracks as having “something for everyone.” Another Swiftie shared that Taylor’s favorite song of all time is on her upcoming album.

As for the party itself, one fan recalled there being heart-shaped pink, purple, and blue Rice Krispies Treats, which were also featured on Taylor’s Instagram, and fans were greeted with custom Lover M&Ms and dozens of board games.

Taylor’s also guests posed for selfies with the pop star, and they took home tote bags and other Lover swag as a souvenir. Lover comes out August 23rd.


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ED SHEERAN’S ‘DIVIDE TOUR’ IS THE HIGHEST-GROSSING TOUR OF ALL TIME: Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour has set the new record for highest-grossing concert tour ever. A Hannover, Germany, show on Friday will put him over the top, getting the tour to $736.7 million in revenue. This will put Sheeran’s tour just beyond the record of $735.4 million generated by the U2 360° Tour, which ended in 2011. These numbers don’t adjust for inflation, however. Sheeran’s tour has also lasted longer than the U2 one; it will have gone 893 days by the time it wraps up later this month, while U2’s was 760 days. Sheeran’s tour had previously passed U2’s in terms of tickets sold. Sheeran celebrated the news as “amazing.” He had evidently set his sights on accomplishing this feat long ago, with agent Louis Messina telling The Wall Street Journal in June, “He told me before the tour even started – I want to break U2’s record.”

‘OLD TOWN ROAD’ SIGNS DISAPPEARING FROM CANADIAN TOWN: Now officially the longest running No. 1 song in chart history, the obsession with Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has even reached Sicamous, British Columbia, where people are stealing street signs from an actual Old Town Road in the municipality. Municipal staff said multiple signs for the road have gone missing in the wake of the song’s ascent up the charts. Officials say the cost of thefts isn’t significant, and district staff likely won’t even get the RCMP involved. Instead, they’ll be selling replica Old Town Road signs for $25 each. “We’re just having fun with it – turning a negative into a positive,” said the staffmember. “Why not? It’s fun, easy attention for the town.” “Old Town Road” has spent 17 weeks at No. 1, beating out the previous record of 16 weeks, which was tied by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” and Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.”


Ariana Grande is collaborating on a new song with Normani.

Last week, Ari dropped “Boyfriend,” a new song with the duo Social House, one of the opening acts on her Sweetener tour, and now her other opening act, Normani, is teasing that the two have recorded a track together.

Normani posted a brief clip on Instagram of herself and Ari singing, “Get you naked but I won’t tell ‘em.”

In recent weeks, Normani has also posted some glamorous shots of her and Ari posing together. On one, she wrote, “I love this beautiful creature beyond. I’m so damn blessed to know you and to have experienced your kind heart and selflessness for these last few months….You have my heart. Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts and for always encouraging me.”

Meanwhile, Ariana says that a behind-the-scenes feature from the “Boyfriend” video is coming soon.

“I was so excited to watch it bc we were all so exhausted and don’t really remember anything from that day lmao. it’s so fun and made me so happy to watch,” she tweeted. “I can’t wait to show u.”


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