The Conway Scenic Railroad Celebrated 45 Years with a Special Dedication

Conway Scenic Railroad Founder Dwight Smith, Conway Scenic Railroad Owner Dave Swirk, and George Cleveland moments before the unveiling of the #7470 Steam Engine. 


Sunday, August 4th was the exact 45th Anniversary of Conway Scenic Railroad’s very first revenue run back in 1974 with Steam Engine #7470 in the lead. Yesterday, Conway Scenic Founder Dwight Smith was the guest of honor on the 1:30pm departure to Conway. Dwight was honored by having Steam Engine 7470 named after him. Many gathered around for the unveiling and it was met with great applause. For more information on the #7470 Steam Engine, Dwight Smith, and the Conway Scenic Railroad go to conwayscenic.com.

The unveiling of the #7470 Steam Engine being named after Conway Scenic Founder Dwight Smith.


George Cleveland interviews Conway Scenic Railroad Founder Dwight Smith