It’s National Fire Prevention Week and We Need to Protect the White Mountain National Forest!

This morning on the Magic Morning Show, Gino was joined by Wildfire Prevention Specialist Mark Wiles on behalf of the U.S. Forest Service and White Mountains National Forest (WMNF). Mark and Gino discussed the WMNF and how it’s continuing to implement fire restrictions. These restrictions allow fires ONLY in installed metal fire rings or grills at designated campgrounds or picnic areas. Click below to listen to the interview and check out all the info.


The state of NH is under a under a Governor’s Proclamation fire ban and even with the recent rain the drought depleted lakes, ponds and rivers,  so fire danger is still high and it’s difficult to fight wildfires with low water availability.

Visitors should always use existing fire pits and NEVER leave a campfire unattended. WMNF fire restrictions include: Lighting, building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, barbecue or grill is allowed ONLY in U.S. Forest Service provided metal fire rings, metal fire pits or pole mounted grills at designated campgrounds or picnic areas. Unattended or abandoned campfires can quickly escalate into wildfires.

ALL campfires must be completely extinguished before leaving a site. Campers and day users should have a shovel on hand and a water bucket ready for use. Soak, stir, feel, repeat. Make sure your campfire is “dead out” and cold to the touch before departing. Stay informed regarding any fire conditions and follow all guidelines and restrictions.

Public use, including dispersed camping is at record high levels.

The public is encouraged to report illegal campfires, as well as smoke reports, to your local White Mountain NF District Office or 911.

If it is not on the following list of WMNF campgrounds a fire is NOT allowed:

Barnes Field Group Campground

Crocker Pond Campground

Dolly Copp Campground

Hastings Campground

Wild River Campground

Big Rock Campground

Campton Campground

Hancock Campground

Osceola Vista Campground/Group Campground

Russell Pond Campground

Sugarloaf I Campground

Sugarloaf II Campground

Waterville Campground

Wildwood Campground

Zealand Campground

Basin Campground

Blackberry Crossing Campground

Cold River Campground

Covered Bridge Campground

Jigger Johnson Campground

Passaconaway Campground

White Ledge Campground

4th Iron

For more information please visit FS.USDA.GOV/WHITEMOUNTAIN