What Being A Cat- Or Dog-Person Says About You

Do you prefer dogs or cats, and what does your answer say about you? A recent study determined that those who said they preferred cats tended to be higher in openness and neuroticism personality traits, while self-identified dog people tended to have higher rates of extroversion and agreeableness. Other studies on this show that those who identify as dog people tend to be more dominant in social interactions and more narcissistic, while those who identify as cat people (at least in one study) were more likely to be female. But, researcher Mike Delgado, says these studies are all influenced by a number of factors that won’t yield accurate results, including the fact that most respondents are often those who have very high pet attachment levels. He adds that the big thing that’s not being studied at all is what makes people who like pets at all different from those who don’t like or want pets.
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