Mark Johnson Leaves Mt. Washington Radio

Whether you talk to industry experts or regular listeners, most people asked will tell you that there’s something special about the sound of WMWV. That musical selection and rotation has been the work of a man named Mark Johnson since 1993. Mark says, “My heart was always about the music.” Normally music selection in modern radio is the result of studied charts tracking the popularity of songs in different genres. For Mark Johnson it was a passion that involved personally listening to submissions and using his own intuition to make judgements about what worked or didn’t with the sound of the station. Johnson says the music was his favorite part of the job. In a Mt. Washington Radio exclusive interview, I asked Mark if he had anything to say to the listeners. Mark said, “Thank you for listening to us all these years, all the very kind comments about, you know, what we do. Maybe even comments from people that didn’t like certain things. It’s all good. You know- this valley is amazing. I’m so proud to live here.” Mark Johnson will be leaving Mt. Washington Radio Group this Friday.

Listen to the full interview: