NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am


In a recent interview with Apple Music, Billie Eilish talked about how she likes listening to her own music and said, “Since I first started making music, even my friends, they’d be like, ‘You listen to your own… What?’ Yeah. Why would I want to make music that I don’t love?”

She listens more intently while making an album and said that it’s all she wants to listen to and especially in the car. She says that some people think it’s weird and said, “it’s a good thing. You should love what you make.”

As for her upcoming album, while Eilish didn’t reveal a release date , but said she “can’t wait for people to hear this album that we’re working on. It’s like, oh my God.”

What she has released is a new song and video for the song, “Therefore I Am.” Check it out below!