SAU20 Superintendent David Backler Says He Couldn’t Be More Proud Of His Staff and Students During This Time

Superintendent David Backler called in to the Magic Morning Show to discuss “remote learning” and how it’s been going for SAU20 up in Gorham, NH. Superintendent Backler talked with Gino about the beginning process and how pleased he was with his staff on how they handled getting everything up and running. They also talked about the response of the students and staff when it comes to the transition and how the meal program for SAU20 has been working . Superintendent Backler told us that there is a plan in the works for the end of the school year at SAU20 however nothing is set is stone. When it comes to graduation and the Class of 2020, he explained that they would like to do at least something small for them on the actual graduation date which is June 5th, but it still being worked out.  Give the interview a listen below.

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