Veno’s is The Magic 104 Fan Favorite and Winner of Magic Madness 2019

For the last month Magic 104 listeners have been voting for their favorites of The White Mountain Independents…and the Fan Favorite has been named…

Congratulations to Veno’s Specialty Foods & Meats!

Owners Kendra and Jason Veno came in on behalf of Veno’s and accepted the award today on The Magic Morning Show as well as Scott Ferrari of the Bavarian Chocolate Haus who was the runner up in the Magic Madness contest. Click below to listen to the interview!


Go to our Facebook Page for the whole Magic Madness Story of the tournament and check out the bracket and more photos below!

Thank you to everyone who voted each and every morning and one more BIG Congratulations to Veno’s Specialty Foods & Meats!

Special Thanks to ALL The White Mountain Independents!

Visit them today and find out more about shopping local at WHITEMOUNTAININDEPENDENTS.COM